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Tips on Cleaning a Dirty BBQ

There’s no doubt that novelty aprons come hand in hand with BBQ’s, they are both great for entertaining and getting friends and family together during the warmer months in Melbourne. Getting the best-tasting BBQ begins with knowing how to clean a dirty BBQ grill, now, while it’s true that preheating a grill will probably kill any really nasty bacteria, that grease build-up contributes to cooking flare-ups, and the char caused by such flare-ups is linked to cancer. It also tastes nasty, so why not start with a clean grill?

Knobs and Handles

Also referred to as points of contact, raw sauce and meat central our greasy meat hooks are all over these things and they need to be cleaned, so, to prevent potential cross-contamination and greasy build up.  Utilize a degreaser to clean these, wait for 5-10 minutes and then wipe off; the degreaser will break down the bacteria-laden build up.

Side Panels

These tend to get greasy quickly. Treat these areas with a degreaser spray and let it sit for a few periods to actually break down dirt of grease.  After that, dip a non-scratch sponge in water to clean it off and wipe dry with a non-scratching cloth.

Tanks and Hoses

The area where your propane tank is kept does not require to be sparkling, but you may wipe it out every now and again.

Inside the Cookbox

This is where all the angry, saucy grilling action takes places! You have probably become aware of the inside of the lid receives a build up that looks like black peeling paint or even heavy grease.  This is not poisonous, dangerous or something indicating a malfunction of your BBQ.  In fact, it is basically carbonized grease that has built up from flare ups, moisture and spatters.  While this is non-toxic, it is a good idea to eliminate the build-up frequently with a non-scratching sponge, non-scratching scraper, or non-scratching brush (stainless steel).   Once you have scraped everything off (and let it fall to the bottom of the cookbox), wash the interior lid with a warm soapy water, soft sponge, then rinse and buff dry with a soft cloth.

The Grates

There are a few types of grill such as stainless steel, cast iron and coated grills or porcelain enameled, whatever grill type you have, make sure you clean it properly. If the grill is cast iron, you can use a wire BBQ brush (usually gold colored bristles) and quickly clean the grates off using an up and down motion along the grill working your way from one side to the other.  If it is porcelain enameled or stainless steel or coated, utilize a stainless steel wire brushes instead. Clean it very gentle and so that it won’t scratch the grill. Scratching that grill leads to rust and corrosion.  To make the grill actually clean, remove it before heating and rinse with a non-scratch sponge in soapy and warm water.


They bend in a way that protects your burners, so they must also be cleaned to keep them in perfect condition. This can be removed and cleaned with a soft sponge and wipe degreaser.  So be careful and ensure you do not scratch them which will lead to rusting because they are stainless steel.

Bottom of the Cookbox

Every time you get out that grill brush, you are brushing every food remnants right here into the base of the cookbox. When that rogue mushroom falls down, it falls right here, into the base of the cookbox. Anything and everything falls into this pit and it most definitely needs some TLC. To sparkling it out, eliminate as several elements as you can, safely.  Make use of a non-scratching scraper to eliminate any carbonized grease, fallen food or build up.  Clean with non-scratch sponge and warm soapy water to remove grease, and boot up to a heavy duty degreaser if required. Make sure to rinse it out very well and dry before using again.  Replace all burners (if removed) flavor bars.

 Grease Tray

 If your BBQ has one of these, it needs to be emptied every so often.  Check it to make sure it is not filling up so much high, and when it is too high make sure to dispose of it, give the tray pan a thorough cleaning and then substitute the pan with a fresh tray.  Do not utilize tin foil, it can lead to a fire!


Remember, continual maintenance is the key to good tasting food and a properly functioning BBQ. If you prefer someone else to do the dirty work, try and find a BBQ Cleaning Melbourne Professional, yes that’s right, there are cleaners that specialize in BBQ Cleaning!